2024 TYM T474CH


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Tire Option: Turf

Vehicle Details
Year: 2023
Make: TYM
Model: T474C TL IND
Color: Red
Condition: New

Options Added
Front End Loader
Factory Cab
Industrial Tires
Hydrostatic Transmission

Loader Specifications
Maximum Lift Height to Pivot Pin: 105.6”
Maximum Lift Height Under Lever Bucket: 96.5”
Clearance w/ Bucket Dumped: 80.4”
Reach at Maximum Lift Height: 16.5”
Maximum Dump Angle: 45 Degrees
Reach w/ Bucket on Ground: 69.2 Degrees
Maximum Rollback Angle: 38 Degrees
Digging Depth: 6.9”
Overall Height in Carry Position: 46.7”
Depth of Attachment: 19.4”
Height of attachment: 21.9”
Length of Attachment: 25.5”
Loader Total Weight: 1,021 lbs.
Weight of Boom & Quick Attach: 514 lbs.
Weight of Mounting Frame: 278 lbs.
Weight of Bucket: 229 lbs.
Lift Capacity to Maximum Height: 2,152 lbs.
Breakout Force at Ground Level: 3,198 lbs.
Bucket Rollback Force at Ground Line: 3,012 lbs.
Relief Valve Setting: 2,347 psi.
Rated Flow: 7.7 GPM.
Lift Cylinder: 2.2” x 1.2”
Bucket Cylinder: 2” x 1.2”
Bucket Width: 66”
Boom Raising Time: 5.4 Sec.
Boom Lowering Time: 3.8 Sec.
Bucket Rollback Time: 2.5 Sec.
Bucket Dumping Time: 4.0 Sec.

Industrial Tire Specifications
Front R4: 10x16.5 6PR
Rear R4: 43x26.00-20 4PR
Tire Weight: 602 lbs.

TYM A2300N2
4-Cylinder Diesel
48.3hp @2600 RPM
PTO 35.9 HP

Powertrain & Specs
Power Steering w/ Dual-Gear Pump
Wet Disc Brakes
Selectable Four Wheel Drive
Category I Three Point Hitch, 2,646 lbs Capacity
540 RPM Independent PTO
9 Gallon Fuel Capacity
70A Alternator, 12V System

Tractor: 3,289lbs
Loader: 1,020.7lbs
Total Weight: 4,309.7lbs
Liquid Ballast (optional): 836lbs
Total Weight with Ballast: 5,145.7lbs